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Technical Information

Main Auditorium

The main auditorium has a traditional proscenium arch theatre with a raked auditorium. Seating capacities are as follows:

All seats in299
Sound desk sited in auditorium291

Wheelchairs can be accommodated in Row A. All seats, except A8 and A16, can be removed to facilitate the optimum number of wheelchairs in situ, depending upon size and position. 


The main auditorium has one loading bay, accessed via the rear lane. The doors are approximately 1.2m / 4ft above street level and give flat access to the stage and scene dock off stage left.

All vehicles must be moved from the rear lane after fit-up, please call to discuss alternative parking arrangements.

Stage dimensions

Proscenium height   18ft/5.48m
Proscenium width   32ft/9.75m
Stage depth to orchestra pit 19ft/5.8m
Stage depth including apron21ft/6.4m
Stage apron height  3ft/0.91m
Height, floor to grid   18ft/5.48m


We have a traditional hemp flying system in the theatre with 16 lines, operated from the SR flyfloor.
They are 36ft long
Flying height is 14ft

All bars are 48mm diameter, 36ft/10.9m long and have a maximum rating of 50kg (Uniformly Distributed Load).

Additionally there are 4 hand winched lighting bars operated from the SL flyfloor. All bars are 48mm diameter, 36ft/10.9m long and have a maximum rating of 500kg (Uniformly Distributed Load), maximum 100kg/m, apart from where specified.

Drapes and masking

  • Front of house curtains – no longer in use. (Please enquire if essential)
  • 3 sets of black legs (down/middle/upstage) – 18ft/4.27m
  • 4 black borders
  • 1 black blinder – 14ft/4.27m x 34ft/10.36m
  • White cyclorama

Lighting (asterisked items are excluded from standard hire package)

  • 48 channels DMX dimming
  • Chamsys 100 lighting desk c/w Chamsys mini wing
  • 8x Martin Rush MH 1 Profile Plus*
  • 8x Sharpie Beams*
  • 2x 4 Beam Blinders*
  • 2x pairs of ACL’s*
  • 6x Martin Rush Par 1 RGBW 20
  • 6x Martin Rush Par Zoom RGBW 20
  • 4x Showtec Sunstrip Active MKII*
  • 8x Stairville Show Bar TriLED 18x3W RGB*
  • 3x Obit Wash LED Beams*
  • ETC S4 LED Series 2 Lustr Light Engine
  • Assorted Par56 cans with gel holders
  • 8x 1000w Freznels
  • 4x 750 Source 4’s
  • 2x Followspots
  • Assorted Cables

Sound (asterisked items are excluded from standard hire package)

  • 1x Allen & Heath GLD-112 Chrome Mixing Desk
  • 1x Allen & Heath AR84 expansion unit
  • 2x Allen & Heath AB168 stage box
  • 1x Cat5 Ethercon tour grade snake
  • 2x RCF HDL 10-A Active 2 Way Line Array Module
  • 2x RCF SUB 8004-AS Active Subwoofer 1 x 18″
  • RCF HDL 6-A Active 2 Way Line Array Module (FOH Fills)
  • 4x EV ELX 112P monitors
  • 4x Shure SM58*
  • 4x Shure SM57*
  • 3x Sennheiser E906 Guitar mics*
  • 1x Sennheiser Drumset 900*
  • Assorted mic stands
  • Assorted cables

Other Items (excluded from standard hire package)

  • Haze and smoke machines
  • 2x Confetti Cannon
  • 1x Confetti Fan Machine
  • 2x Cold Spark Firework Machine
  • 2x LED Smoke Jets
  • Pyro System

Dressing rooms

There are two purpose built dressing rooms with en-suite toilet, shower, wash-basin, waist-length mirror with surround lights, dress rail and wall hooks. Towels and soap are provided. Dressing Room 1 is nearer to the stage (maximum capacity 4 adults) and Dressing Room 2 has a maximum capacity of 6 adults.

For larger shows, performers can be housed in the Studio which can support a maximum of 50 adults (including tables and chairs) and in the Green Room on the first floor which can support a maximum of 16 adults and has a wash-basin. The Green Room is accessible by stairs only

All areas are equipped with a show relay system

The theatre has laundry facilities i.e. iron, ironing board, washer and dryer. Use of these must be negotiated as part of the hire package.

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