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Phoenix Theatre Classroom

In an attempt to further our policy of inclusion and to contribute to the whole area of lifelong learning we have begun to take the first steps into setting up this new resource aimed at creating opportunities for all who wish to become more involved in the life of the Phoenix Theatre or for those who simply would like to know more about the theatre in general terms.

Alongside our already successful groups – Young Phoenix and Try Out Acting – it is our intention to extend this provision by increasing the range of classes on offer by engaging professional experts to teach them. Amongst the offer will be the inclusion of actors and directors to work with people form the Phoenix. Subjects on offer could include: looking behind the scenes; exploring our whole technical provision; dance tutorials; singing and voice coaching; the play’s the thing; from page to stage; whatever happened to Shakespeare; film making and cinema; puppetry; disability in the theatre, and many more. The success or failure of this part of the venture, of course, depends on interest from the public, availability of appropriate tutors and, of course, sufficient funding being available. We are considering ways and means of raising new funds as we speak; in fact, one of our directors is currently honing her skills in this very area

If there’s something we may have missed out by way of possible topics, please get in touch and tell us. We could even run a daytime quiz if there was sufficient interest.

The Phoenix Theatre is a huge community resource and the lockdown, when the building has been standing cold and empty, has given us opportunity to think about how the facility can be further used. It is a place for people and not just an entertainment venue.

Look out for details of forthcoming courses which will be advertised on this page.

If you would like to support our Phoenix Classroom, you can make a donation by clicking on this link – thank you for your support.

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