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The Board

The Phoenix Theatre is owned by an incorporated charitable trust and managed by a Board of Directors/Trustees, who have a dual function. They act as:

  •  Directors of the company, (The Phoenix Theatre Blyth), which is a company limited by guarantee and governed by its Memorandum and Articles of Assocation dated 31 December 2012. This company was established, following the dissolution of the previous company Phoenix Theatre Blyth Limited and the charity Blyth Arts and Community Association (B.A.C.A.)  
  • Trustees of the charity, who meet formally on a monthly basis to discuss all matters, both operational and strategic.

The company has no shareholders, but does have a trading company with two shares, owned by the Phoenix Theatre Blyth.

Current Board of Directors/Trustees

David Garrett – Executive Director
Paul Worth – Financial Director
Alison Thoburn – Administrative & Governance Director
Robert Nixon – Volunteer Coordination

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